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 YGo3 D-hero!

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PostSubject: YGo3 D-hero!   Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:03 pm

Hey guys, see if u like this deck! or if u have nay advice feel free to give!

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PostSubject: Re: YGo3 D-hero!   Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:47 am

why u don`t use the new spell card that special summons u a synchro monster from ur deck i think that card would work good + i would take out -1raiza and add caius instead

overall it`sa not bad

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PostSubject: Re: YGo3 D-hero!   Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:42 pm

What the Hell you want with that Debris Dragon in all of your Decks? Did you ever read its whole Effect? You can just summon Dragon Synchros (that mean, only Stardust/Red Dragon atm, both LV8). With his Effect you can just Summon Reaper, Frog and Trooper.

/edit you could also Summon Defender, that's the best Target i think, but i doesn't make Sense either, because you cannot use a LV4 Monster together with Debris for a Synchro Summon...

So the ONLY Situation, you could use Debris is, if you have Frog and can bring back Trooper/Reaper and then summon SDD or RDA. I think at least in 4 of 5 Times you'll draw Debris as a dead Card in your Hand^^
So take it out. And Mind Control with it too, because 2 Tuner are not enough to play it.

Then add Emergency Teleport (like Arbias told already). For me, Teleport is the ONLY (!) Reason to actually play the Krebons...
I find Krebons itself not good enought to play (Besides the Fact, we dont have enough Synchros atm^^)
With Teleport you have an additional Special Summon, so you can use the Krebons also as a Tribute for Raiza and Caius

I personally would also change 2 Raiza for 2 Caius. They make more or less the same job, but Caius can deal Damage too AND you can remove him for Allure.

I think now you have just 39 Cards, so you could play a Sarko to complete the Deck.

LOL, i wrote too much I guess
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PostSubject: Re: YGo3 D-hero!   Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:37 pm

yea i agree with all Lylyne says
also i like to add 1 tomato + 1 krebons and remove mind cruch
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PostSubject: Re: YGo3 D-hero!   

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YGo3 D-hero!
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