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 Gladiater Beast Deck

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PostSubject: Gladiater Beast Deck   Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:48 pm

Breaker the magical warrior
Elemental hero stratos
2xGladiater beast murillo
Gladiater beast bestiari
Gladiater beast laquari
3x Gladiater beast hoplomus
2x Gladiater beast dimicari
3x Gladiater beast darius
3x Elemental hero prisma
Mystical space typhoon
Premature burial
Giant trunade
Swords of reavealing light
Reinforcement of the army
Brain control
2x Book of moon
2x E-Emergency call
3x Double summon
Gladiater proving ground
3x Solemn judgement
Mirror force
3x Waboku
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Gladiater Beast Deck
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